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Report: The State of the World's Children 2012, Children in an Urban World

By UNICEF (2012)

The report highlights that the experience of childhood is increasingly urban. Over half the world's people - including more than a billion children - now live in cities and towns. Many children enjoy the advantages of urban life, including access to educational, medical and recreational facilities. Too many, however, are denied such essentials as electricity, clean water and health care - even though they may live close to these services. Too many are forced into dangerous and exploitative work instead of being able to attend school. And too many face a constant threat of eviction, even though they live under the most challenging conditions - in ramshackle dwellings and overcrowded settlements that are acutely vulnerable to disease and disaster.

In this report, it is stated that urban children must be afforded the amenities and opportunities they need to realize their rights and potential. Here is a summary of urgent actions to take emphasised in this report:

  • Better understand the scale and nature of poverty and exclusion affecting children in urban areas.
  • Identify and remove the barriers to inclusion.
  • Ensure that urban planning, infrastructure development, service delivery and broader efforts to reduce poverty and inequality meet the particular needs and priorities of children.
  • Promote partnership between all levels of government and the urban poor - especially children and young people.
  • Pool the resources and energies of international, national, municipal and community actors in support of efforts to ensure that marginalized and impoverished children enjoy their full rights.

To read the complete report, please click here
Translations of this report in French and Spanish will be soon available here.

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